Niali, B56 (N.P.); The district magistrate, who has a large amount of money from various states, including Odisha, visited his farm and expressed his satisfaction.

By collecting seeds and cultivating them electrically, Rs 10 lakh has been provided for the achievement of 200 types of rice paddy state-of-the-art farmers' training centers.

Keeping the seeds alive is a colorful agricultural conspiracy. Niali approached. Later, the then Rajya Sabha member, Ethibhushan Behera, donated Rs 10 lakh from his own fund to build a retirement village in 1922. He later turned his attention to himself. The Sri Krishna Agricultural Research Center is said to be the only option for the protection of the Mother Earth, a land of thousands of square feet, to protect nature and the environment. The state government is conspiring with the center. For the past 25 years, he has been cultivating his 5 acres of land using goddess paddy seeds, khad, dhaniba, karanj and lim pidia, panchagabya, pot manure, organic pesticides, lilamrit, libamrit. He formed a trust called Lok Samakaya Institution and, in collaboration with the Yuvraj class and some other youths, from outside the state, including rural areas of West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, etc. Sports, Coconut Flowers, Rah Chudi, Bajudi Seeds, Mirigi Shiali, Nedar Reri A Katha, Buddhi Mathia, Raj Bahub, Champa, Nudia, Nali Tridiya Dudhu Khajra, Lobal Bhog, Chest Cage, Kalabata, Yugalabandi, Mahipal, Pathra, G Mukhia Ravi Chudi, Cuttack, Bear Chhata, Kata Kamal, Pitadangi, Sita Bhog, 12: 9, 191 1092, Sahara, Baman Bai, Jadumani Zara Dhan, Sahila, Kala Bari are the main cultivators of 200 varieties of rare indigenous rice. In 2017-18, the then Secretary of State for Agriculture and Khordha

The state has been recognized as an agricultural training center. In 2017, 1,500 farmers from 30 clusters in Balipatna block of Khordha district and Niali block of Cuttack district were provided with organic farming under the traditional agricultural development scheme from the state agriculture department. Nowadays, many of these rare varieties are cultivating more rice. The farmers are theirs

The Rajendra Desi Agricultural Research Center has a library of books on agriculture. The center also has 250 types of agricultural equipment exhibitions. Students and farmers from Bison School come to donate the equipment. Even though Mr. Sarangi is now 4 years old, he still understands farming. Mr. Sadangi hopes to grow organic farming across the state

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