Tokyo, Aug 21 (IANS) Hockey is the first thing that comes to mind in the minds of Indian athletes, the Olympics said. Once upon a time, the Olympics were the birthplace of Indian hockey. In the 125-year history of the Olympics, India has won 26 medals and lost 11. Until the 1928-1901 Olympics, India's one-sidedness was evident. In 52 years, India have won 11 medals, including four goals, one silver and two medals. Sixty-one years have passed since then, but the medal for the Indian hockey team has been silenced at the Olympics. At the Tokyo Olympics, the hockey team is aiming to break the 41-year-old drought, and fans are optimistic.

The Indian team of Manpreet Singh and coach Graham Vicky has been doing well in the recent past. Former India captain Virender Raskina said there was a big chance for India, ranked No. 5 in the FIH rankings, to occupy the podium. I am ahead of India in World No. 1 Australia, current champions Sen, New Zealand and Asian champions Japan Full-A. For India, the finals of the season may not be an obstacle. In the car final, World Water may have to play with Belgium, Germany and England, Raskina said. India have recently been able to beat Argentina in the FIH Pro-League. Head coach Rick focuses on fitness with the development of the players ’skills. The team has young and experienced players. This time 10 athletes have made their Olympic debut. "It is hoped that this will help India," he said. Similarly, the Indians led by Rani Rampal

He won a bronze medal in Munich and a gold medal in the last 180 Moscow Olympics. India lost to the Netherlands in the final of the 193 Men's Hockey World Cup and were runners-up. After winning the 195 Hockey World Cup, he added another golden chapter to Indian turf. India 2019 Asia

The gold medal ceremony of the Indian men's hockey team began at the 1927 Amsterdam Olympics. Locke Anz, 1932, won 3 gold in a row at the 1938 Berlin Olympics. Subsequently, he continued to perform at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, including the 16th Mandan, 1952.

3 gold medals were won. After winning gold at the 180 Rome Games, the 2014 and 2018 women's hockey teams also won medals at the 14th Tokyo Champions Trophy, after winning silver at the Asha Olympics. The men's and women's teams have returned to the medal tally at the Hockey Olympics. With the current plaque pending the return to the Olympics, the team is now hoping for a bronze in the 16 Medico City, 162 Indian teams. The country is monitoring the performance

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